MiLi introduces iData mobile storage, portable skin moisture detector

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Published on May 07, 2015 with No Comments


MiLi has launched two innovative product that intends to make mobility easier and more convenient. With that in mind, MiLi introduces the iData, a small mobile storage device, as well as the Pure, a portable skin moisture detector.

The MiLi iData


According to MiLi, the iData is designed to “change the way you use your Apple iPhone and iPad. Simply put, the MiLi iData is similar to a regular flash drive that can copy files from a computer as well as transfer it into Apple devices without the need to sync.

In order to transfer files without syncing, the company said that the user should use the MiLi iData App (available for free on the App Store) to access the storage and copy files to and from your device.

During the launch, MiLi has confirmed that the iData would be available starting June 2015.

The MiLi Pure


As mentioned earlier, the MiLi Pure is a portable skin moisture detector. The company explains that the said product is lilnked to a specialized application on smart phones. With that in mind, MiLi claims that the Pure is able to provide “precise” skin moisture data analysis. It then sends data via Bluetooth for “instant reading.”


MiLi adds that the Pure can read an individual’s skin moisture in 5-seconds. It has the ability to record skin moisture data in four different areas: hands, face, neck and eyes.